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BullFish News

We're going back into the studio in the next few weeks to finally finish our CD...and that's the news!



What Does BullFish Really Mean?

From the Urban Dictionary:  


1) A person or group of people of high intelligence, possessing a unique humor and talent, loved by all.  "Wow, isn't BullFish great?"

2) A fish with bullhorns. Usually summoned from the sky by a Bullfish Summoner, but can fall down from the sky on it's own. Can be found in waters and on land too. Beware of this potentially unfriendly fish. They can sometimes smell bad, don't usually taste too well and can pierce you with ease.  While rarely found in rivers, lakes or oceans, don't drink from natural bodies of water where they may travel. 


3) A curse: "I hope a bullfish falls from the sky and stabs you in the head."


4) A blessing: "May a bullfish fall from the sky and bring you happy days and groovy tunes."

5) A substitute for the other BS.

6) This is BullFish!


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